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CliffsTestPrep ACT (e-bok)

Jerry Bobrow


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  • Språk: Engelska/Svenska
  • Antal sidor: 454
  • Utg.datum: 2005-07-29


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  • The CliffsTestPrep series offers full-length practice exams that simulate the real tests; proven test-taking strategies to increase your chances at doing well; and thorough review exercises to help fill in any knowledge gaps.CliffsTestPrep ACT can help you assess your interests and skills, plan your career, get a scholoarship, and get into a college of your choice. Understanding and practicing test-taking strategies can help a great deal. Subject matter review is particularly useful for the Mathematics Test and English Test. Both subject matter and strategies are reviewed in this book. Inside, you’ll findFour realistic, full-length practice examsPractice questions, answers, and explanations in each chapterAn action plan for effective preparationFour successful overall approaches to taking the ACTDetailed analysis of the directions for each section of the testWith extra help on math formulas, science terminology and other ACT trouble spots, this comprehensive guide will help you score your highest. In addition, you’ll hone your knowledge of subjects such asEnglish usage and mechanics, including punctuation, basic grammar, and sentence structureEnglish rhetorical skills, including prose strategy, organization, and styleBasic math skills, including arithmetic and intermediate algebraApplied math, including coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometryReading comprehension, including prose fiction, humanities, social studies, and natural sciencesScience reasoning formats, including Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting ViewpointsWith guidance from the CliffsTestPrep series, you’ll feel at home in any standardized -test environment!


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