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Busted! (e-bok)

M Chris Fabricant


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  • Språk: Engelska/Svenska
  • Antal sidor: 384
  • Utg.datum: 2009-03-17


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  • Busted! is a funny, smart, subversive worst-case scenario guide for casual drug users and their tolerant friends.It’s the Bible on how not to get busted and what to do if you are. Using celebrity busts, outrageous everyman busts, and the author’s professional experience, Busted! is everything you need to know about the criminal justice system, Drug War style, before it’s too late. Like a Law Order episode, the book takes the reader through a typical small-time drug possession case from committing the crime (the buy/recommending a dealer), to handling police encounters like a pro, to getting busted, to spending a night in jail, to fighting your drug bust, to pleading guilty, through trials and appeals, and, finally, punishment – with irreverent humor and expert advice all the way to the bitter end. Busted! also includes drug possession law for the house party, the rave, your roommate’s stash; search and seizure on the street, in your ride, in your apartment, and up your ass. Drug War Driving Lessons covers DUI’s and drugged driving; also learn how to make your phone call from jail count, how to ace your bail hearing, and protect your Internet privacy. The Dope Law Index includes possession law for marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine for all 50 states. BUSTED! helps the casual drug user to know his rights, walk the thin grey line between legal and illegal and ultimately stay out of jail.


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