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Enterprise Architecture (e-bok)

Mathias Ekstedt


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  • Utg.datum: 2010-04-07


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  • In the last decade, enterprise architecture has grown into an established approach for management of organization-wide information systems. Enterprise architecture is model based, in the sense that diagrammatic descriptions of the systems and their environment constitute the core of the approach.
    This book emphasizes the decision-supporting potential of enterprise architecture. It presents how enterprise architecture models may be used as a base for rational decision making with respect to the enterprise’s information systems. The fundamental link between models and decisions is achieved by enterprise architecture analysis. Architecture models are designed to allow the assessment of important properties of the represented systems, such as availability, modifiability, performance, information security, and the alignment between the business and the systems. The book covers how to conduct such analyses as well as how to organize the enterprise architecture activities.

    E-boken baseras på den tryckta utgåvan från 2007.


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